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We at Lifts Crane Hire specialise in all lifting solutions across the UK.
We have a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over a long period over many industries to supply a crane hire service that you can trust.
With our fleet of a range of contract lifting services, we provide a safe, fast and efficient service, we take great pride in supporting local and national businesses.

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Are you looking for a professional crane hire service to trust with prices to meet your budget?

Lifts Crane HireWe operate throughout the whole of the UK. We have a good range of cranes available, from Hiab cranes to all-terrain cranes to high-tonnage lifts, to allow us to provide lifting equipment where access is restricted.

We offer a flexible and personal service to give you the best experience possible.

No job is too big or small, from small one-off jobs to large contract-based work.

We are happy to work with all people, from private individuals, small to large commercial industries, the building trade or if you need lifting of garden structures, boats, spas or anything heavy.

Our lifting solutions cover all your needs, be it construction, industrial or engineering projects, or domestic requirements such as hot tub, swim spa, and boat lifts.

Our cranes for hire are available on either a CPA standard or a CPA contract lift basis.

We ensure that all our staff are fully trained, safety accredited and insured with qualifications from CPCS or NPORS.

We aim to provide a professional, friendly service from our fully qualified staff, with excellent value.

Contact us today for advice on the best lift for your needs and your free site survey to meet your requirements.

Reliable Fleet Of Cranes

We ensure that our lifting equipment is relatively new, regularly maintained, and serviced.

All our lifting equipment goes through a stringent and regular maintenance programme. The maintenance programme includes full hydraulic checks, lubricants / hydraulic fluid replacement, and more to ensure continual reliability.

When you hire one of our cranes, rest assured it will be ready to work to its maximum ability.

​Experienced And Professional Operators

​We can provide an operator to work with your hired crane if you need one.

Each operator works to the highest standards of quality, professionalism and safety, along with many hours of on-the-job experience at many sites and operations.

Each operator goes through a full training programme to ensure they can operate each crane to the highest standards, safety and efficiency before entering the field.

​Engineering Support

​We have an in-house team of engineers with vast experience on many projects and can provide technical assistance.

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Our Cranes Hire Services

Mobile Crane Hire

Our mobile crane hire offers a wide range of options, including mobile tower cranes.

Lorry Cranes (HIAB)

We provide a range of lorry or truck cranes (HIAB) to provide portability.

Tower Cranes

We provide a range of tower cranes for high-lift operations

Mini Cranes

We provide a range of Mini cranes for those smaller jobs

Spider Cranes Hire

We provide a range of spider cranes for stability that counts

Crawler Cranes

We provide a range of telescopic crawlers for high-lift places

Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

1. What type of crane do we need for our project?

We offer a variety of cranes designed for different purposes, such as mobile cranes, tower cranes, or telescopic cranes.

To determine the type of crane needed for your project, we’ll consider factors like lifting capacity, height, reach, and the overall nature of your project.

2. How much does it cost to hire a crane from you?

Our pricing for crane hire varies depending on factors such as the type of crane, duration of the hire, location, and any additional services needed (e.g., operators, rigging, transportation).

The cost of hiring a crane increases with size and duration. Weekend or late-night hires and longer rental periods also entail higher expenses compared to shorter rentals like half-day or single-day hires.

We recommend requesting a detailed quote from us, so you can accurately compare costs.

3. Do you include an operator in the crane hire, or do we need to provide one?

We provide both “bare” and “operated” crane hire options. With the bare hire, you are responsible for providing a certified crane operator.

In contrast, our operated hire includes a licensed and experienced operator. We’ll always clarify this and ensure operators have the qualifications and certifications.

4. What insurance and certifications are required for hiring a crane from you?

We encourage you to enquire about our insurance coverage and confirm that we hold the necessary certifications and permits. Typically, we have public liability insurance, but you may be required to provide additional insurance for your specific project.

5. What are your lead times and availability for crane hire?

Our crane availability can vary depending on the time of year and the type of crane required. It’s crucial to book well in advance to secure the crane needed for your project.

We encourage you to ask us about our lead times and availability to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Get In Touch To Answer Your Questions

If you have any further questions or require more information about our crane hire services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our knowledgeable team is always here to help you make the best decision for your project.

We’re committed to providing exceptional customer service and meeting all your crane hire needs.

Reach out to us today, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect crane solution for your project.

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